Dog Osteopathy

We have a dog osteopathy clinic every other Tuesday morning, at Woozelbears Dog Hydrotherapy Centre, 122 Forest Road, Melksham, SN12 7AE. The centre is on the same site as Mead’s garage which has flags flying by the road. Plenty of on site parking and Woozelbears has a shop full of doggy treats and toys. Contact Mary B on 07947 304844 for an appointment. You must have your vet’s permission and we will need their contact details.

We see dogs of all shapes and sizes from Pomeranians to Wolfhounds. They all share an essential doggy nature, but they have unique problems. Sometimes these are breed specific e.g. hip dysplasia; sometimes they are age related or due to the type of activity the dog engages in, sometimes they are due to internal problems or emotional upset. Our canine friends act as emotional antennae for us, so sometimes their problems relate to what’s happening for the human members of the household.

We will assess your dog and try to understand how s/he arrived at how they are feeling today, with some help from your knowledge of the dog’s history. However, our sensitive palpation picks up information directly from the dog so if it is a rescue, or you’ve recently got it and don’t know the history, we can still assess the problem. We will advise on how much osteopathic treatment might be needed and suggest any other changes that might be helpful to the dog’s health, such as diet, exercise, or referral back to your vet.

Here’s lovely Dillie Dog enjoying a treatment:

Osteopathy for dogs