Stud Work

Breeding horses need to be in top condition. Stallions at stud are required to mount much more frequently than they would in the wild, causing stress to their lower back, pelvis and hocks. They must feel well in themselves to want to do their work and for high semen quality they need healthy digestive and immune systems.

Producing a healthy mare and foal takes more than good nutrition and a relaxing environment. The mare also needs to be be in good biomechanical health to foal easily and she needs to be able to produce a good milk supply. To take advantage of the ‘foaling season’, she needs to hormonally well. To produce high quality foals throughout her breeding life, she needs regular health monitoring.

We have experience of managing all these health issues, using gentle osteopathic techniques. We work as part of a team, with vets, farriers, dentists and feed suppliers, using our diagnostic skills to advise as well as to treat.